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Jury: "Dreaming"

Audience: "Harry Grows Up"




Jury: "Funnel"

Audience: "Fools Day"




Jury: "Dog Down"

Audience: "Dog Down"




Jury: "Adonis"

Audience: "Rabbit & Deer"



Saturday: Blocks 1 - 5  |  Sunday: Blocks 6 - 8


Click the Blocks below to view the short films and their synopses.


Join us for a Friday Night Meet and Greet at The Phoenix, 14 South Gaston Street, in the heart of Downtown Brevard at 7:00pm on Friday, May 30th.


On Sunday night, following the last screening, everyone is also invited to a closing gathering at The Phoenix at 6:30pm.

  •                      BLOCK  1 (88 mins) 11:00am - 12:30pm   |  Q&A and LUNCH BREAK 12:30pm - 1:30 pm

    Rose, Mary & Time - 38 mins - Drama

    The film is a story of second chances. Barney is married - unhappily.  He lost the love of his life around six years ago - she was murdered.  Through the magic contained within a clock he inherited, and with the help of an old Indian shop keeper, Barney finds himself back in time, with the opportunity to save her... but life isn't always as easy as that.


    Anemesis - 25 mins - Drama

    When Adam wakes up in a childhood memory, he figures he must be dreaming.  But as his girlfriend, Hannah, leads him deeper into his subconscious, he begins to realize the truth.


    Passer Passer - 4 mins - Animation

    An animated city symphony celebrates the hidden world of background noise.


    King of Size - 17 mins - Documentary

    Filmed over a ten year span, 'The King of Size' follows an ex-champion bodybuilder on a decade-long quest to reclaim his former glory while recognizing his own addiction to 'size.' Crowned 'Mr. New York,' Tony was not only the Empire State's top bodybuilder, but also hailed as 'the largest human ever seen in Rochester,' his home town.


    Runner - 4 mins - Comedy

    Running: Passing fad or lifestyle?



  •                      BLOCK  2 (72 mins) 1:30pm - 3:00pm  |  Q&A 3:00pm - 3:30pm

    Cough - 11 mins - Drama

    Food shortages during a pandemic force recently widowed George to stray far from home to survive. A simple purchase of rations derails when George stumbles upon a Shopkeeper's secret, placing all of them in mortal jeopardy.


    Self Offense  - 15 mins - Drama

    Four women are victimized by abuse and violence.


    Zweilbettzimmer  - 9 mins - Animation

    Two old men share a hospital room, in which the window is the only connection to the outside world and thus becomes a highly demanded resource. 'Double Occupancy' is a dark parable about the greed of man - an animated, psychological intimate play about the power of imagination and illusion.


    Rainy Season - 21 mins - Documentary

    RAINY SEASON is an intimate story about a family's unexpected change of fate, set in the larger context of post-war Vietnam.  A rubber tree farming family comes to grips with their changed lives after their youngest son finds a leftover American mortar.


    Phantom Limb  - 4 mins - Animation

    James and Martha narrowly survive a motorcycle accident. During the aftermath, however, James begins to experience Martha's phantom pains.


    Camino a casa - 12 mins - Drama

    After her mother’s recent death, Claudia has to face the relationship with her father on their way home.


    Sprocky Spittoon - 5 mins - Animation

    Imagine sepia-toned Saturday morning cartoons in that alternate reality known as Steampunk. Now Imagine a re-telling of The Beatles' song 'Rocky Raccoon' with a ninety-pound pipsqueak 'bot boy as the hero.




  •                      BLOCK  3 (82 mins) 3:30pm - 5:00pm  |  Q&A and DINNER BREAK 5:00pm - 6:30pm

    One Armed Man - 27 mins - Drama

    A wealthy cotton gin executive is confronted by a disgruntled former employee demanding the return of an arm lost in the gin's machinery, in Oscar-winning writer Horton Foote's chilling drama, One Armed Man.


    The Magic Ferret - 12 mins - Drama

    A young orphan named Sam yearns to find a forever home, so he and his pet ferret Booger conjure up a little magic.


    Molly - 12 mins - Drama

    Denial. Regret. Depression. Foam Party.  A guy who deals with a recent breakup from his girlfriend, Molly.


    Me + Her - 12 mins - Animation

    Creating a universe between two small pieces of Cardboard. When Jack and Jill of Cardboard City are separated by Jill's torrid illness, Jack must think outside the box to assure they will be together again.


    Fool’s Day - 19 mins - Comedy

    A dark comedy about a 4th grade class that pull an innocent, April Fool's prank on their teacher... with disastrous results.  Fearing jail time, they set out to cover up their crime before their D.A.R.E. officer shows up for his weekly lesson.


  •                      BLOCK  4 (86 mins) 6:30pm - 8:00pm  |  Q&A  8:00pm - 8:30pm

    Goodfriends - 10 mins - Drama

    Billy, a grocery store bagger with cerebral palsy, has no problem using others' sympathy to get his way. Unlike Del, his coworker with Williams Syndrome, he refuses to establish genuine relationships. However, when Billy becomes obsessed with a waitress, he is forced to confront his delusions and the aftermath of his manipulative behavior.


    Dreaming - 30 mins - Drama

    John Doe finds himself in a coma, stuck between two realities.  All he has to do to become conscious again, is figure out which reality is real - in other words, figure out who he is.  But he had better choose right, or he'll never wake up again.


    Baby Mary - 9 mins - Drama

    An eight-year-old girl living on the west side of Chicago finds a neglected toddler and decides to take her home.


    Sorry About Tomorrow - 8 mins - Drama

    Baldwin discovers time travel but with tragic consequences.  Determined to change the future, he leaps back to save the love of his life regardless of the impact on the space time continuum.


    Harry Grows Up - 11 mins - Drama

    New York is a tough place to find love.  Especially for an eighteen-month-old who lives on his own.


    Adonis - 10 mins - Animation

    A young man hires a dating service that employs a cute dog as a chick magnet in order to get guys dates.


    Stop Leak - 8 mins - Comedy

    At an awkward first lunch at his girlfriend's parents' place, Willy finds himself trapped in a rare and terrifying situation.



  •                      BLOCK  5 (74 mins) 8:30pm - 10:00pm  Rated R for violence/language  |  Q&A  10:00pm - 10:30pm

    Dog Down - 46 mins - Documentary

    Dogs that are about to be euthanized as un-trainable, inmates serving time locked in prison, DOG DOWN! is the story of how the dogs and the inmates help each other stay alive.


    American Frenzy - 6 mins - Drama

    A visual roller coaster, told through six photographic mediums, in six locations, during six minutes, with a single seamless flowing shot. It is a hyperbolic anti-parable of the exploitation of our fears, the piggish plundering of the media news outlets, the birth of the ghost collective.


    Day + Ten - 11 mins - Drama

    New York fell silent after the loss of it's Twin Towers.  Day Ten follows William as he wanders the silent streets, struggling to come to terms with what has happened to his city, as loved ones went missing and people resorted back to prayer.


    Fight for Food - 4 mins - Animation

    A short based on two robot dogs. These robo dogs are brothers and they have the fun rivalry for the food bowl.  This short follows the antics behind their diversity and teaches some nice lessons along the way


    Funnel - 7 mins - Comedy

    When a man's car breaks down, he finds himself on a quest for a funnel.


  •                      BLOCK  6 (87 mins) 12:30pm - 2:00pm   |  Q&A  2:00pm - 2:30pm

    Apartment 8 -12 mins - Drama

    What do you trust? What is real? A woman fights for her life inside her apartment - or does she?


    The Seed -23 mins - Drama

    When a curious seed shows up in a mysterious envelope, it leads Boyd Larson, a seed pathologist whose wife has died, on a journey to uncover its meaning.


    Delicacy - 11 mins - Drama

    A culinary connoisseur and a chef go on a hunt for a rare animal.


    Domestic Tranquility - 27 mins - Animation

    A man lives alone in a mobile home in a mountain setting. What he knows about the world around him he learns from television programs that frighten him with imaginary dangers, and give him a fear of birds.


    Zombiewood - 14 mins - Comedy

    There is a certain horror to awakening to the fact that you are now a zombie. What do you do with your 'undead' life? One zombie, Harry, thinks he has the answer - get a SAG card!


  •                      BLOCK  7 (85 mins) 2:30pm - 4:00pm   |  Q&A  4:00pm - 4:30pm

    Last Call - 8 mins - Drama

    A noir thriller, the culmination of a twisty tale of love and betrayal in a dusty Southern roadhouse.


    The Long Wait - 17 mins - Drama

    After over twenty years of silence, a desperate woman seeks revenge against the man who ruined her life, and in the process, discovers that she's not the only one who's had to endure a devastating burden.


    My Sense of Modesty - 21 mins - Drama

    Hafsia, a student in Art History, is going to have to remove her hijab for an oral exam. She goes to the Louvre to view the painting that she has to comment on.


    Rabbit & Deer - 16 mins - Animation

    The friendship of Rabbit and Deer is put to the test by Deer's new obsession to find the formula for the 3rd dimension...


    Tasia and the Cheese Revolution - 9 mins - Documentary

    Tasia Malakasis is the unexpected superhero spearheading Alabama’s cheese revolution with her versatile goat cheese – Belle Chevre.  Both Tasia and her cheese are ‘sexy, skinny and smart’.


    #RIP - 14 mins - Comedy

    Lydia Walters was a beloved actress that died suddenly, leaving all of her 'friends' potentially implicated in her death. All she wanted was to trend on Twitter. Is that too much to ask? Also, Lydia's not a diva.


  •                      BLOCK  8 (84 mins) 4:30pm - 6:00pm   |  Q&A  6:00pm - 6:30pm  |  DINNER PARTY 6:30pm

    La Canada de los Ingeleses - 12 mins Drama

    The story, told in the form of visual poem with fantastic dyes, recalls the real time of the visit of Andersen English cemetery in Malaga and fantasizes about finding the mermaid of his story.


    Going Live -11 mins - Comedy

    Being the subject of his own spy-cam series goes from sweet to bitter when a man finds a new ending written for him.


    Juke - 25 mins - Drama

    A woman tries to buy a jukebox and gets juked. An intriguing comedy-drama, in which the twists keep coming, as one person tries to buy the past and the other tries to sell it.


    The Help - 15 mins - Drama

    In the early morning, an old man hit by a car is lying on the ground. Soon one by one, passersby form a crowd but nobody would dare to touch him.  When a deaf girl tries to help, she is kindly stopped by everyone else.  More bystanders come as time goes by, but the old man is still down and alone.


    Jerry - 21 mins - Comedy

    Jerry is the story of Jerry Carter, a homeless man determined to change his life for the better.  After being killed by local politician Dick Heard, he finds himself tied to the mortal realm, desperate to make amends and find a way to the afterlife.


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  •                      ABOUT THE FESTIVAL

    The Brevard Short Film Festival (BSFF) is presented by the Brevard Film Society (BFS), created by two independent filmmakers, Tom and Sandi Anton.  Having produced two independent features with Tom as director and Sandi as the screenwriter, the Antons sought to share their love of film with their town of Brevard, North Carolina. The central goal of BFS is to broaden the awareness of and exposure to independent films to the Brevard community at large. BFS screens two films per month and works to bring the filmmaker to the screening so they can share their film and stories from production with this new, film-loving audience.


    With the creation of BFS, there exists an audience anticipating and ripe for exposure to the festival’s short films.  Thus the next step for BFS was the create BSFF in order to bring a large number of great independent short films and filmmakers together for an inspirational multi-day festival.  Short films have the unique ability to tell a story often times containing a life lesson in a very short period of time. Given today’s fast paced world, people are ripe for this kind of experience. Years after viewing a short film, the story remains firmly planted in people’s minds.  Along with showcasing new and exciting short films, a main objective of BSFF is to provide a rich educational opportunity to filmmakers, students and the general public through onsite workshops, panel discussions, and events as the film festival location is in the heart of Brevard at Brevard College where there is a built-in fan base of students and faculty alike.


  •                      MISSION AND OBJECTIVE

    BSFF strives to celebrate short film indie filmmakers and offer exposure of these unique films that otherwise would not be seen, to the film lovers of Brevard, North Carolina and Western North Carolina. Our goal is to introduce the filmmakers to other filmmakers since this valuable connection can further their skills, abilities and future opportunities.


    The Brevard Short Film Festival (BSFF) was created by the founders of the Asheville Cinema Festival (ACF) who were able to draw on their past and continued success of the Asheville Cinema Festival, which is in its fourth year. It is BSFFs desire to have many of the filmmakers attend the festival with their film so as to conduct a Q&A, meet industry professionals, make new connections and attend workshops.


    The mission of BSFF 2014 is to inspire both filmmakers and lovers of film to embrace and support the world of independent cinema. BSFF strives to bring the best narrative, documentary, foreign, student and animated short films from around the world to the passionate cinema audience of Western North Carolina.


    The quaint mountain town of Brevard, North Carolina is the perfect setting to showcase independent short films to an audience who celebrates and supports creativity as well as  the tenacity and passion that is essential in film production.



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